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A true passion for Italian design combined with Italian top designer brands; REMMELT provides the complete solution for your interior. We aim to perfectly combine custom-made design in a stylish manner. REMMELT’s minimalist, cosmopolitan and industrial signature style combined with a highly exclusive design.

REMMELT designs and provides unique environments that seamlessly blend into your life style and fit your personality. Our custom-made interiors are timeless, open and serene. Rooms are linked but always maintain their own clear identity. All interior elements are connected. Long sightlines are created, all inspired by the natural and internal lighting. REMMELT solely works with high quality materials. The (custom-made) components are multifunctional and technically innovative. This results in a home that exclusively suits you.

REMMELT creates solutions by truly focusing on your needs. Each element has its own purpose and matches the atmosphere of the overall design. Entertaining guests, cooking with friends, spending quality time with your family, enjoying the outdoor fireplace at night; al our designs reflect your individual lifestyle and needs. Therefore our service is not bound to standard sizes. Offering custom made products is part of our service.

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REMMELT   |   dwersfeart 9   |   8401 BD   |   Gorredijk   |   +31 (0) 653802347   | 

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